Can't Find the backlight option

Hlw community. I am here to ask how can i install backlight for controlling brightness. Or how can i know which brightness controller actually manipulating my screen brightness. I read through the backlight inside the arch wiki. I know a module called light that can control the screen brightness using terminal. But the problem is mine don't have intel backlight because i am using a graphics card.

Let me clear my configuration:

My Monitor is : Dell S2216H
My CPU is : Intel Core I5 6500
My graphics Card is : AMD Radeon RX 480
Using Driver : Open Source.
Os : Garuda Dragonized KDE Edition.

Thanks for your attention.

Some maybe useful links are present in this thread:


Thanks i will check this out and let you know

This is an external monitor so you need either ddcutil or ddcci-driver-linux-dkms as listed under

Also keep in mind that external monitors don't work the same as laptop panels.


Search the forum on this. There are similar topics.
Generally, you may need to disable one backlight if the system discovers or uses 2 or more.
Post relevant info from your troubleshooting.

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