Can't find mkinitcpio.conf

Hello so i wanted to do a nano /etc/mkinitcpio.conf but it seems i cant find it i tried to install it via AUR and it tells me that of i wanna install it i need to remove garuda-dracut-support so it seems theres a conflict so i wanna know is it safe to remove it.


Hey, Garuda has shifted from mkinitpci to dracut

ok am gonna check that out thank you guys

edit : t nice its really nice better than mkinitcpio

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People often get pissed that we lock almost all old threads on the Garuda forum. What they don’t understand is that on a rolling distro, especially one like Garuda that attempts to be an early adopter of cutting edge projects is that things change so rapidly that people can’t expect old info they find online will still apply. Garuda attempts to implement new improvements with regularity. We are nothing like an Ubuntu LTS release that is sometimes in use for up to six years. We are the polar opposite to that, Garuda attempts to stay on the cutting edge of new developments. Package conflicts during an update might be a good tip off that something has changed and you might want to research what changes have transpired recently.


i didnt understand the package conflict relationship with garuda. also why get pissed we need to advance to the future not stay with old things.

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If you need to make a change to the initramfs we can probably help you get it set up. Most stuff is handled automatically with dracut, but you can add modules manually as well if needed.

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