Can't even remember if I ever passed by to say "Hello!" we go!

Let me polish my netiquette once more :grin:

I'm primarily an Italian Linux/Mac OS user currently based in Washington D.C.

Linux-wise, I was coming from Manjaro as daily driver. When Manjaro started being unreliable (at least on my machine...), I've switched to Garuda.
So I can say I'm a Garuda user since a couple of years now.
Can't remember if I ever donated to the devs behind this great doesn't matter....I'll soon donate again!
'cause in my eyes they really deserve it!
I've done all possible wrongdoings to my desktop machine, a 5 years-old assembled PC and this thing still roars thanks to Garuda. I've recently upgraded the CPU from Ryzen 5 2600 to Ryzen 9 5950x....the OS didn't flap an eyelid...

My use case is quite heavy-duty on virtualization (both VMs and containers), multiple browsers' usage, webapp testing (BurpSuite, several different fuzzers, etc.), some occasional Python coding and....gaming (SCII via Lutris).

I'm so satisfied with and addicted to Garuda that my MBP with Apple Silicon started collecting dust...

Don't consider myself a total n00b on Linux but I'm still far from being anything near to the expert-zone.
Let's say I'm in the middle range and I'm continuing studying it a lot.
Therefore I promise to avoid coming with silly questions without having first tried to triage my own crap.

See you soon! :wave:


The first welcome must be from an Italian :wink:


Grande !!!