Can't download the KDE Dragonized Gaming Edition

I tried to download the KDE Dragonized Gaming Edition of Garuda, but was already stopped at the very first step.

None of the download buttons in the popup of the Dragonized Gaming Edition work.
When clicking any of the 4 buttons, the following error message is shown in the console:

Uncaught ReferenceError: _paq is not defined
    at HTMLButtonElement.onclick (downloads:290)

with the line number being 286, 290, 294 and 298 for the buttons from top to bottom respectively.

This issue seems similar to the one presented earlier this year, in this thread:
I can’t download Garuda Kde Gaming Edition.
Though it seems, like the website has undergone some changes since then and the bug supposedly has been reintroduced along with that.

I tested it with different browsers (Firefox and Chromium) and entirely without Browser Extensions, so I’m pretty positive, that it’s not just a compatibility issue on my side.


Thank you! This will work for me.

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