Can't download Hawk Eagle .iso images

I'm itching to try the new version release but I have hit a wall. The OSDN link says "sorry, that page is missing", Sourceforge informed me that my remaining download time was 20 days, and the torrent has zero peers. Are both download links really broken? I haven't tried the download links for any other DEs.

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Hello this is my first time here and i was wondering how to install Garuda KDE Dr460nized gaming because when i click the link it says "file not found" i tried sourceforge and osdn.

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Try downloading via torrent its working

Some files seem to be missing from OSDN, but they are present on Sourceforge:

If there's an issue I'm sure it will be sorted soon (e.g. when people are awake again).


Thanks for the link. KDE iso downloaded in about 30 min. That's a lot better than 20 days!

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Thank you!

(i used qBittorent if anyone was wondering(its for Linux and arch i think))

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In progress :slight_smile: