Can't discover my bluetooth headphones

Bluetooth headset related info:

Test the linux, linux-hardened, and linux-mainline kernels (and headers).

sudo pacman -S linux linux-headers

sudo pacman -S linux-mainline linux-mainline-headers

sudo pacman -S linux-hardened linux-hardened-headers


Swap kernels at the grub advanced boot menu.

From the ArchWiki:

Headset via Pipewire

PipeWire acts as a drop-in replacement for PulseAudio and offers an easy way to set up Bluetooth headsets. It includes out-of-the-box support for A2DP sink profiles using SBC/SBC-XQ, AptX, LDAC or AAC codecs, and HFP/HSP.

Install pipewire-pulse (which replaces pulseaudio and pulseaudio-bluetooth).

The daemon will be started automatically as a user service. Use pavucontrol or your desktop environment's settings for configuration. For more information, see PipeWire#Bluetooth devices.

Also, be sure to add the following setting, if it isn't already present in /etc/bluetooth/main.conf.

Add the following near the bottom in the [Policy] section:


Unpair the headset, then restart the bluetooth service:

systemctl restart bluetooth

Pair your headset again, and connect to it.

Check which Bluetooth packages are installed:

pacman -Q | grep blue

Please post the output.

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