Can't Create Folders or Write Files on newly attached HDD

Hi guys,

I have installed Garuda KDE dragonized on my SSD.

I also had a HDD which had Garuda Gnome installed. After installing KDE on SSD I used KDE Partition Manager to Delete my HDD and then create a new partition.

After creating the partition it is showing up on Dolphin at the bottom left sidebar as Internal HDD. However, I can't create any folders on it. I want to use it for mass storage.

Can you help me?

In the terminal if you enter man chown you will find how to take ownership of the drive. This is a permissions issue.


just asking..

Is it okay if my external HDD is formatted as ext4 (just noticed)

Will that cause any issues since SSD is formatted as btrfs??

It will be fine to use an EXT4 formatted volume alongside your BTRFS formatted volume.


It can be any format, but keep in mind that you have to be root user to write in almost all the partition system, except NTFS.
For more info, refer


Ext4 is fine, but you might want to investigate BTRFS for the caching and compression. Speeds up disk reads a small amount, which is nice having in my slower, data-containing 10,000 RPM HDD. I like. Or at least gives the feel of it. :wink:



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