Can't boot to desktop after installing Nvidia drivers

I've had a good hunt for answers on this topic, but haven't found anything that seems to match.
I've got an old HP 8560w laptop which has an i7 and a dedicated Nvidia Quadro 1000M card.
Garuda (Dragonised) installs and boots fine until I install the Nvidia drivers and then it refuses to boot back to desktop. Sticks at the Plymouth message.
Technically the processor has intel HD graphics onboard even though the laptop can't use it, so I'm wondering if Garuda/Nvidia drivers are trying to do something fancy using "prime" with the intel gfx inside the i7 instead of detecting the Nvidia card as the only display output?
I'm new to Arch so no idea how to proceed here. Nvidia Linux drivers for the Nvidia card work fine under Ubuntu.
If someone could point me in the right direction, which logs to read, that sort of thing, I would be most grateful.

How did you install drivers


Just through hardware settings - choose the Nvidia drivers offered, then rebooted only for the system to hang at a black screen never going back to desktop.

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