Can't boot on integrated Radeon GPU

That parameter helped me as well with amdgpu long ago, only with a certain kernel version. Probably some kind of regression.
At the time I found and read some information about it, you'll find a lot of info on the internet. I remember the more complete and clear information was in the gentoo wiki.


I don;t understand how enabling the soft mode on the iommu tables would matter because we aren't doing any virtualization. LoL. If it works who cares, LOL


Because Input Output Memory Management Unit is not only about Virtualization. See e.g.:
"These kinds of terms are used across the Enterprise area of computing, particularly the Virtual-Machine sector but they can be used by anyone running a Linux kernel"


I plan on doing some research on the topic but for now this was great, I just have to do some housekeeping on my install rn.


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