Can't boot live USB image results in a black screen

Hello. I'm having trouble booting the live usb image for Garuda KDE the first problem is that without adding acpi=off to the grub boot options I get stuck on a black screen. The other is after adding acpi=off the boot hangs on Terminate Plymouth Boot Screen. Let me know if you need any other info.

Here is a reddit post detailing the steps I took to solve my issues.

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Hi there, welcome.
Try to give a look at this thread.
Basically you should try booting or switching to a TTY then startx.
If it works, then you might be able to launch the installer. After installing, we'll see how it goes with the Nvidia drivers version...

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Unfortunately I can't access tty2 from the black screen I just remains unresponsive.

Actually I am able to use ctrl alt delete just can't get to tty.

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Which ISO you try to boot, full name please.

Try Ctrl + Alt + 1 to Ctrl + Alt + 7

Can you post your inxi -Faz from other DE?
Did you check sha sum?
Did you try other USB-Stick?


I am using garuda-dr460nized-linux-zen-210928.iso the sha sum is correct and I have tried several usb sticks. I will post the other stuff you need in a min

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Here is the inxi -Faz from the barebones iso

System:    Kernel: 5.10.69-1-lts x86_64 bits: 64 compiler: gcc v: 11.1.0 
           parameters: BOOT_IMAGE=/boot/vmlinuz-x86_64 lang=en_US keytable=us tz=UTC misobasedir=garuda 
           misolabel=GARUDA_KDEBAREBONES_HARPYEAGLE quiet systemd.show_status=1 driver=nonfree nouveau.modeset=0 
           i915.modeset=1 radeon.modeset=1 
           Desktop: KDE Plasma 5.22.5 tk: Qt 5.15.2 wm: kwin_x11 vt: 1 dm: SDDM Distro: Garuda Linux base: Arch Linux 
Machine:   Type: Desktop Mobo: Gigabyte model: Z590 AORUS ELITE serial: <filter> UEFI: American Megatrends LLC. v: F3 
           date: 06/18/2021 
CPU:       Info: 10-Core model: Intel Core i9-10850K bits: 64 type: MT MCP arch: Comet Lake family: 6 model-id: A5 (165) 
           stepping: 5 microcode: EC cache: L2: 20 MiB 
           flags: avx avx2 lm nx pae sse sse2 sse3 sse4_1 sse4_2 ssse3 vmx bogomips: 144000 
           Speed: 5121 MHz min/max: 800/5200 MHz Core speeds (MHz): 1: 5121 2: 4959 3: 4932 4: 4956 5: 1117 6: 5009 7: 4934 
           8: 4950 9: 4943 10: 4954 11: 4957 12: 1055 13: 5009 14: 1424 15: 4970 16: 4942 17: 4951 18: 5007 19: 4904 20: 4950 
           Vulnerabilities: Type: itlb_multihit status: KVM: VMX disabled 
           Type: l1tf status: Not affected 
           Type: mds status: Not affected 
           Type: meltdown status: Not affected 
           Type: spec_store_bypass mitigation: Speculative Store Bypass disabled via prctl and seccomp 
           Type: spectre_v1 mitigation: usercopy/swapgs barriers and __user pointer sanitization 
           Type: spectre_v2 mitigation: Enhanced IBRS, IBPB: conditional, RSB filling 
           Type: srbds status: Not affected 
           Type: tsx_async_abort status: Not affected 
Graphics:  Device-1: NVIDIA GA102 [GeForce RTX 3080] vendor: driver: nvidia v: 470.74 alternate: nouveau,nvidia_drm 
           bus-ID: 01:00.0 chip-ID: 10de:2206 class-ID: 0300 
           Device-2: Logitech Logi Webcam C920e type: USB driver: uvcvideo bus-ID: 1-7.2:6 chip-ID: 046d:08b6 class-ID: 0e02 
           serial: <filter> 
           Display: x11 server: 1.20.13 compositor: kwin_x11 driver: loaded: nvidia unloaded: modesetting 
           alternate: fbdev,nouveau,nv,vesa resolution: <missing: xdpyinfo> 
           OpenGL: renderer: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080/PCIe/SSE2 v: 4.6.0 NVIDIA 470.74 direct render: Yes 
Audio:     Device-1: Intel vendor: Gigabyte driver: snd_hda_intel v: kernel bus-ID: 00:1f.3 chip-ID: 8086:f0c8 class-ID: 0403 
           Device-2: NVIDIA GA102 High Definition Audio vendor: driver: snd_hda_intel v: kernel bus-ID: 01:00.1 
           chip-ID: 10de:1aef class-ID: 0403 
           Device-3: C-Media Schiit Modi 3 type: USB driver: hid-generic,snd-usb-audio,usbhid bus-ID: 1-11.3:12 
           chip-ID: 0d8c:0066 class-ID: 0300 
           Device-4: Kingston HyperX 7.1 Audio type: USB driver: hid-generic,snd-usb-audio,usbhid bus-ID: 1-5:2 
           chip-ID: 0951:16a4 class-ID: 0300 serial: <filter> 
           Sound Server-1: ALSA v: k5.10.69-1-lts running: yes 
           Sound Server-2: JACK v: 1.9.19 running: no 
           Sound Server-3: PulseAudio v: 15.0 running: yes 
           Sound Server-4: PipeWire v: 0.3.37 running: no 
Network:   Device-1: Realtek RTL8125 2.5GbE vendor: Gigabyte driver: r8169 v: kernel port: 3000 bus-ID: 03:00.0 
           chip-ID: 10ec:8125 class-ID: 0200 
           IF: enp3s0 state: up speed: 1000 Mbps duplex: full mac: <filter> 
Drives:    Local Storage: total: 4.56 TiB used: 0 KiB (0.0%) 
           SMART Message: Unable to run smartctl. Root privileges required. 
           ID-1: /dev/nvme0n1 maj-min: 259:0 vendor: Samsung model: SSD 980 1TB size: 931.51 GiB block-size: physical: 512 B 
           logical: 512 B speed: 31.6 Gb/s lanes: 4 type: SSD serial: <filter> rev: 1B4QFXO7 temp: 37.9 C scheme: GPT 
           ID-2: /dev/sda maj-min: 8:0 vendor: Seagate model: ST4000DM004-2CV104 size: 3.64 TiB block-size: physical: 4096 B 
           logical: 512 B speed: 6.0 Gb/s type: HDD rpm: 5425 serial: <filter> rev: 0001 scheme: GPT 
           ID-3: /dev/sdb maj-min: 8:16 type: USB vendor: Lexar model: USB Flash Drive size: 14.92 GiB block-size: 
           physical: 512 B logical: 512 B type: SSD serial: <filter> rev: 1100 scheme: MBR 
           SMART Message: Unknown USB bridge. Flash drive/Unsupported enclosure? 
Swap:      Kernel: swappiness: 133 (default 60) cache-pressure: 100 (default) 
           ID-1: swap-1 type: zram size: 31.23 GiB used: 0 KiB (0.0%) priority: 100 dev: /dev/zram0 
Sensors:   System Temperatures: cpu: 16.8 C mobo: 16.8 C gpu: nvidia temp: 44 C 
           Fan Speeds (RPM): N/A gpu: nvidia fan: 0% 
Info:      Processes: 333 Uptime: 4m wakeups: 0 Memory: 31.23 GiB used: 4.1 GiB (13.1%) Init: systemd v: 249 tool: systemctl 
           Compilers: gcc: 11.1.0 Packages: pacman: 875 lib: 223 Shell: Bash v: 5.1.8 running-in: konsole inxi: 3.3.06
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