Can't boot after update failure, and snapshot options absent from grub


My computer froze during an update and i had to force-reboot.

Now it won’t boot anymore which is not surprising. Tried fallback initramfs and recovery mode too.

What’s more surprising is that the usual ‘garuda Linux snapshot’ option is not showing up in grub.

How can i restore a previous snapshot in my current state ? Is there a way to manually boot on a snapshot from grub command ? Or should i use a live session from an usb drive ?

Thx for ideas

Try booting with a live USB and check if you see anything in the btrfs-assistant.


I was indeed able to restore the pre-update snapshot from a live USB using btrfs-assistant.

Only caveat is that you must mount the btrfs (from dolphin or whatever other way) before launching btrfs assistant or it fails starting.

Thanks for the help.


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