Canon Pixma MG2255 printer not working

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I'm using the newest version of garuda now and sadly I can't manage to install my Canon Pixma MG2255 printer, is there any additional driver or software necessary? Where do I get it from? Most printers I used to use in linux all ran with the distro built-in drivers with no extra work.

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That should be it:

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This has paid drivers


oh well, thank you ^^
Can I install this as a package or do i have to git clone and build it? (Its kinda my first time in arch)

the easiest way is:
paru <package name>

I did that, still everything is pretty new to me. But I like how garuda shows you lots of info if you're new to arch, thats nice. Sadly I still can only choose Print to File (PDF)

Sorry, I don't have that printer, this is the only thing I found searching in the AUR and Arch repositories.
The package in-fact seems old (2018), but looking in the Canon site the latest Linux drivers are from 2012-13...
Maybe reboot, although it should not be needed...

Yeah, I know that. The printer itself is old too but i fix it and now it works again but there is like no driver for arch i managed to use for. Should I get information like "#Maintainer: ..." when I do the paru canon-pixma-mg2200-complete command?

Sadly no, he left a message in 2017 "pixma mg2200 is supported by gutenprint for a long time now. I've been using those drivers successfully for over 1 year now without any issues. Orphaning package now. If anyone wants to step up and take over the maintenance, please feel free to do so!".
Maybe search for this gutenprint... (you should be able to install it directly with sudo pacman -S gutenprint)

Thank you, installed gutenprint but still there is no change. I'm also missing the whole printer settings thing in Settings manager, might not be necessary most time but now it would be helpful :confused:
Also checked if it's registered but lsusb tells me that its on Bus 001. Normally i would register a printer manually for that port but that seems to be impossible in arch?

Sorry about that.
If you want, you could uninstall with:

paru -R canon-pixma-mg2200-complete
sudo pacman -Rs gutenprint

Quite frankly I don't know about the manual printer registration. :frowning:
My only printer worked ootb...

Don't worry, I really appreciate that you guys tried to help me out. Maybe I can figure it out lateron. My other printers worked ootb too, like the brother one and so.

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