Cannot uninstall Microsoft Edge

I accidently installed MS edge , now pamac manager can't remove it. Attaching screenshot Screenshot Here


sudo pacman -Rns microsoft-edge-dev

Are you sure Edge is still installed? You can verify by removing it via Pacman, Pamac has been slow to update the list of installed apps sometimes :thinking:

Thanks :smiley: It worked

Yes , I can run it..Never faced problem like this before. Thanks for asking , it got solved :smiley:

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That's good.

At least I got a good chuckle. I almost fell off my seat from laughing too hard when I saw you'd installed Edge.


Yeah me too laughing now on what I have done lol :rofl: :rofl: I was installing another program and accidently selected edge piece of trash :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:


tschuldigung aber ich musste lachen

sicher edge ist nicht schlecht

aber windows on linux als browser

bist du schwanger

da probiert man ja salzgurken mit marmeladen brot

das ist etwa so ähnlich LOOOOOOOOOOOL

Sorry but I had to laugh

sure edge is not bad

but windows on linux as browser

are you pregnant

there you try pickles with jam bread

that's something like LOOOOOOOOOOOL

hilfe wie entferne ich windows auf meinem Linux System

der fluch hängt über der Welt

ja die Entwickler von edge für Linux müssen auch ein sehr komisches Volk sein

help how do i remove windows on my linux system

the curse hangs over the world

yes the developers of edge for linux must be a very strange people too

:rofl: :crazy_face: :upside_down_face: