Cannot start garuda after force update

Hi all, i updated packages with

sudo pacman -Syyu --force

it was going without problem but in the end it gave me some errors that some of packages cannot be upgraded and all are canceled.

After that i restarted my pc and on the last loading section i started to see "Failed to start Bluetooth Service."

I've Bluetooth dongle. i ejected it and restart the pc again.
The error has disappeared but os is not loading, still stuck on same screen

I've some important projects that they didn't committed on pc so i cannot go old snapshot.

What should i do ?

pacman hasn't supported the --force option since before Garuda has been existence and trying to use it returns an error so are you sure this is the command you used?

First, if you get errors during an update, never reboot without addressing the errors first.

Wait for 30 seconds after the screen appears to be stuck and see if you can access a TTY by pressing ctrl+alt+f3. If you can, login and run sudo pacman -Syu. If there are errors, share them so we can help you resolve them.


This is not clear to me.
A snapshot is normally taken automatically when you start each update process, so I assume this was done also before the one causing your problems.
So why can't you go back to that time (you'll see the date/time in the grub snapshots)?


cause there are 2 snapshots and both of them are old-dated 2021-05-05

First, try what I recommended above. If that doesn't work there are other ways to rescue the system and/or preserve that data.

They are just a lot more complicated.


i'm working on it, there are some conflict packages and -Syu process is canceling at the end

OK, share those errors so we can help you resolve them. Don't just hack away at it and break your system more.

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:slight_smile: i just want to share photo but i cannot upload image cause that i'm new user.
I'll write them below

'garuda-common-settings' is conflicting with 'systemd-swap'. Would you like to remove 'archlinux-appstream-data' package ? Y/N

installing 'fluidsynth' package is broking cause of 'lib32-fluidsynth'
installing 'libcanberra 0.30' package is broking cause of 'libcanberra-pulse'

and after these warnings, update process is canceling.

Is that really what it says? It wants to remove archlinux-appstream-data because of systemd-swap?

How long has it been since you successfully updated your system?


like 3 or 4 months

oh i made mistake while writing warnings.
it wants to remove systemd-swap because of garuda-common-settings is conflicting

That is way too long to go without updating on an Arch-based distro.

Answer Y, to that.

Is there a full chain of errors with this? Is lib32-libcanberra on that list?

I would just uninstall fluidsynth and and reinstall it after you update.


great! it started to update packages but in the end of update, it says 'would you like to import PGP key. 0706B90D37D9B881, Chatoic-AUR Wild Bear Node [email protected]' Y/N
after i hit 'Y';

required key didn't found on keychain. Unexpected error.
and packages cannot be updated.


thank you guys. i did update and it's working


Glad to hear you got it working. A couple of things you should consider

  • Please update more frequently, many of these problems can be avoided by not waiting so long between updates.
  • Check to ensure that timeshift-autosnap is enabled so a snapshot is taken before every update.

Thank you for your advice i've turned autosnap on already. I think running update every week might be enough right ?

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Yes, weekly is fine.

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I'm with @dalto I would update at least once a week at minimum, but even daily updating won't hurt. One thing I like to add is typically when a update won't finish update your mirrors using reflector. If that doesn't work use Timeshift to rollback the system and try the updates again after updating the mirrors. Typically if you're updating regularly and you have issues with the update applying it's usually because one mirror or another acted up and a reattempt usually wroks.