Cannot relocate Dolphin File Manager window

My Dolphin File Manager Window is stuck in the top left hand corner of my 2nd monitor with no way to move it.
The window top bar with the Close/Maxi/Minimise buttons is missing, and I have scoured this forums and others for a clue but so far I have found none. It's only Dolphin that is affected, all other apps appear to be fine.
I've been trying to work this out for ages, as a last resort I'm hoping someone here can point out the blaringly obvious thing I have missed. If I can share any more information please let me know.

edit: Interestingly, if I open another instance of Dolphin it behaves completely normally, with the window frame and can be dragged around.
If I close the instance they both close, and when I reopen it goes back to the immovable instance.

Garuda KDE dr460nized

How about ALT + F3 > More Options > uncheck No Border

I have tried that, no dice. When I try it tells me I'm removing the border that isn't there. Works for secondary instances but does not change the initial instance.

Hmm. That's...odd. I'll have to think about that a bit.

I could post a screenshot, but I feel like it would be kind of pointless. Is there a config or log I can post that will help?

Make a backup of ~/.config/dolphinrc. Then delete that file. See if that helps.


Yep. That fixed it. Thanks very much.

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