Cannot connect automatically

so , I used arch linux and atrtix long time ago and the main system that I used to add
is larbs ( yes Luke Smith's system) and both arch and artix was on ext4 .

the problem is that network manager dont start automatically and I should everytime connect to my wifi network .. any ideas how to solve that ?

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Please provide your inxi -Faz
Have you already tried running
sudo systemctl enable NetworkManager


Is the issue with Network Manager:

or with wifi:


Which version of Garuda did you install? Can you provide your inxi -Faz as requested by the topic template text?


the problem was with Garuda Linux Barebones plasma version ... i thoutght because it's barebone will work just fine ... but i did a mistake

now I burned a flash drive with BSPWM and i working just fine ...

Just FYI, the barebones edition is not officially supported. Barebones users are supposed to be advanced users capable of working through their own installation issues.


Barebones is just fine. I installed it this morning.