Cannot Browse Files in Timeshift

In Timeshift, when I click on Browse Files, it does nothing. I want to copy files from one snapshot to the current one. In Rsync mode (in EXT4 filesystem) it was working well. Is it so that in BRTFS file format snapshots cannot be browsed?

Please help.


It work in i3wm.

I think you use KDE and dolphin can't use root to open the files.

OK. I'll try to loging in to root and checking it. If I restore to a snapshot, in BRTFS, selecting @home also, will Music, Documents, etc. files stay in the home directory, or will it be removed as in that snapshot these files were not there? In Rsync, there is an option to select All files, Hidden files and None, but in BRTFS it doesn't exist.

You can chown the files to your user if you want, but then you probably want to return them to their default afterwards.


Sorry, that would be for timeshift using ext4.


Ooops, they change something?
I can browse but thunar wont open, now terminal (xfce4) open. ???

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In KDE Plasma even in terminal it is not opening.

I know this :slight_smile:

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I will try installing different file manager like Nemo.

Please clarify what you are wanting to do with these copied files. I think we might be dealing with an "X" vs "Y" problem here.

I think what you are wanting is an alternate rsync backup program to save the files to another drive.


My first thought, but can't wrote :wink: about.


I want to restore a snapshot, and to have normal files in Home directory (Music files, Documents, etc.). I also want @home to be restored because something got wrong with some KDE settings, it started looking like Plasma's default theme, also autostart applications were gone. So what I thought was that to restore to the previous snapshot, including @home to get the default settings of Garuda back and then browse and copy the files back to the restored snapshot.

X Y problem for sure. This is not what timeshift is intended for. Install Back In Time to back up your home directories contents.


If you not edit the settings in timeshift before the snapshot then is no home folder in this snapshot.


I edited it just after installing Garuda :slightly_smiling_face:

In Windows I was using Eazy Fix with which I could rollback to any snapshot and copy files back by browsing. I was just trying to get the same from Timeshift.

Now I think that it is possible. I'll install another file manager and try to browse.

Thanks for your replies!

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there are 300 open "issues" .

So timeshift is a wonderful helper but not a backup solution.


Try nnn.

sudo pacman -Syu nnn
sudo nnn

I have no trouble with Dolphin, but I don't click 'browse' from Timeshift. I just put my /mnt/T3/Timeshift folder in Places... seems to have no issues going that way.

my /mnt/ folder is empty :roll_eyes:
How can I get it there?

My btrfs timeshift snapshots are in /run/timeshift


You must know where you pointed Timeshift.
I set up systemd to mount my external drives as /mnt/T3 - in Timeshift I selected it as /dev/sdc.
Then Timeshift sets up it's own folder there and mounts it as /run/timeshift

But you can still browse the folder with Dolphin...

However, not so sure about BTRFS because I use rsync...

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