Can1t login with external monitor after laptop screen broken

Hi everyone,

First of all. Thank you very much for investing so much time in an Open Source project. This is remarckable!

I apologise for not pasting garuda-inxi content. Unfortunately I am locked outside my garuda. I have a laptop where I use garuda in full encrypted disk and grub. I also have windows dual boot.

I always used an external monitor, but it was turned on only after I logged in Garuda KDE. Until then it was in stand by and all the prior screens (grub, booting, login screen) used to appear only on my laptop monitor.

Now my laptop monitor is broken and I tried to login blindly but for some strange reason I can´t. I can login in windows (after typing grub password without seeing it), and I can, after booting in garuda, change to virtual console (control+alt+f2) and reboot with sudo reboot. I don´t understand why I can´t login, as I wait for the boot and type my password, even without seeing anything, I hoped that after entering it my external screen would start working as always.

I am not sure, but in garuda default login screen, do I need to click in the user before entering the password? Isn´t the focus on password prompt activated by default? Maybe this is the problem and I tried a lot clicking blindly with my mouse followed by tying my password, to no avail.

I could though access my files using LibreCrypt in windows, but I have only acessed it in read mode as I am unsure of brtfs driver in windows. I would prefer to boot a garuda live cd, but blindly I could not access my laptop boot menu to proceed booting the usb.

My questions:

Is there something I can do to force grub and the login screen to use my external monitor? I tried restarting from windows with my lid closed, but it did not work.


Rafael Rocha

Hello and welcome.

I don't have an answer, but I advise to disclose what laptop model it is and how is the external monitor connected. I guess it's HDMI these days, but that's just a useless guess.

In case it's VGA instead, do you by any chance have an HDMI cable and a TV with HDMI input?
That is what I use as external monitor, and until the graphical environment starts it duplicates my laptop screen. But your laptop may well behave differently.

As for blindly reaching the password field, have you tried the TAB key?
I'm not sure it will work and I can't try it right now because I replaced my greeter, perhaps later I find time to restore the default one.

As for the inxi, since you can access the console and read the HD, perhaps you could try to blindly garuda-inxi > ~/my-inxi.txt and then read it back from Windows.

Last but not least, give this a try: force grub to use external monitor - Whoogle Search


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