Can this run on a 2009 Toshiba Laptop?

Hey everyone!

I’m new to Linux and saw this distro and it looks awesome! I’m trying to see if this would function properly on my wife’s old Toshiba laptop. It’s got 16g ram but my concern is the CPU. I’m curious if any of the variants would work with such a system give the CPU and drivers and all that. Hopefully I can!

pls try it
i did laptops with garuda but what are your specs

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Hey, welcome to the community.

Garuda Linux should work like a charm on most of the 64 bit processors. It would be more clear if you try out or share your specs.


If you enter the exact name of your Toshiba in the search engine, followed by the suffix archlinux, you can see if there are any hardware problems. @Leviathan86


even core 2 duo 2GHz would be ok for basic tasks and on KDE. You must have a laptop from 2010 as core 2 support mostly 8GB of ram maximum, which are even better...

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LOOOOOOOL one year after it kill all your tasks ^^
he or she has enough memory there will be a solution maybe the graficks lower and renderers but it will be fine when it adjusted