Can’t connect to wifi in KDE live environment on Mac

I am trying to install Garuda on my mac book bro as a dual boot, but when I booted it from my USB it cant detect any WiFi I am new to linux and I really don’t know what to do help would be greatly appreciated

PS: sorry if there is already a thread for this question I couldn’t find an answer.

Chances are it may work after you install, as the kernel driver is used on the live version. When you install the proprietary driver will be installed and your WiFi should be working.

Then again, it may not. That's the price you pay for using hardware with poor Linux hardware compatibility. Apple is not exactly known for being Linux friendly, (far from it).

PS. there's no point in asking for support with your wifi in a live environment. That's a fools errand, and no one will waste there time trying. Install to bare metal if you wish to receive support.

Welcome to Garuda.


Just to confirm, installing the wifi driver may require a reboot for the changes to take effect. A live environment will reset on each reboot, so installing a driver in a live environment is normally



Thank you very much I installed it and now it works fine sorry for the post

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You're welcome. No need to apologize, glad to hear it worked upon installation.

Welcome to Garuda.


I can conferm wifi doesnt work in mack live envo

This is not a bug, it is the way the Calamares installer is designed. The Calamares installer loads the broadcom kernel modules by default in the live environment.

The proprietary Broadcom WL driver is generally installed by default when installation takes place on bare metal. Broadcom driver installation is very complex because some adapter models have used up to 3 different drivers over the years. The kernel modules or proprietary drivers are also broken on some kernels (or upon kernel update).

In other words there's no easy one size fits all driver choice for Broadcom chips. Calamares as currently designed isn't up to the task of predicting which driver is the best choice. That is because with some Broadcom adapters there really is no best choice (some have no working Linux driver). The best choice is to avoid Broadcom adapters (and Apple products) entirely if you want less hardware issues in Linux.


Actually, from my experience, Garuda is the only Linux distro that allowed my mac to connect onto WiFi which is strange any other distribution did not have the drivers I do not know why it automatically worked with Garuda.
So if you want Linux on mac Garuda is the way to go, but it is laggy and stuff, but you have to keep in mind Garuda was made to run on high-end computers or bare metal, not Apple's..."trash" lol


Its not laggy and I have a mac from 2012 LOL.

ohhh cool what desktop? lmao,
I have one from 2012 as well, but it was laggy with the KDE dragonized version...Garuda gnome wasn't as laggy

Also these questions aren't really related to the topic should I make a new topic? xD