Can not turn on 5 GHz Hotspot on Garuda Linux but Easily on Windows 8,10,11

After Gitlab issue.

Again another problem in every linux distro. It does not allow me to turn on 5 GHz hotspot connection. I can eaily create 5GHz hotspot connection on Windows 10. When I am connected to 5 GHz Wifi connection In Hotspot Icon in Network Tray on KDE disappears. Even WiHotspot, famous hotspot app fails to create 5 GHz hotspot. On Running "iw list" command in console I get "No IR" infront of various 5 GHZ channels.

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On Googling I see my any channel with NO IR warnign can not be used to create Hotspot because of rules and regulations.On running "iw reg get" I get :

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So It shows Intel card is set to global region where it converts every frequency to NO IR. Even changing region "sudo iw reg set BZ" Does not change NO IR region it just disable most of them and remaing stays with NO IR. I cahanged region to US and CN too. But no one works. Luckily I found a post on internet that describes patching kernel from source and then use this pathched kernel and it will remove NO IR flags and also allows changing Wireless Hotspot Power.

But I wonder How windows 10 easily allow it without any patching. Please bring this function to Our beloved Garuda Linux.

I don't think this is a downstream Garuda thing, this should probably be addressed upstream.


This is an Intel issue, it was Intel's choice to disable the functionality. If you don't want to try using hacky workarounds to enable this feature again, then I would suggest buying a USB Wifi dongle from another manufacturer. Look for a USB adapter that supports this feature and that has good native Linux support.

Here are some examples of the hacks you could try to get your Intel adapter working:


If WIndows 10 can do this thing then Garuda linux atleast should handle it.

I know it is intel issue, But Windows 10 make a way for its users to create hotspot but Garuda is better than Windows 10 , It must handle this issue too.

hotspot works fine on my garuda laptop. the problem may well be that your ax200 needs the "hacks" posted above because the official linux driver doesn't support hotspot mode


You are absolutely right bro. 2.4 GHz works on my linux too but Can you create 5 GHZ hotspot on your Garuda?
I know Intel centino 6235 driver limits Garuda to turn on 5 GHz hotspot on wireless card. But if an old and outdated OS like WIndows 10 or 11 can make a way for its users then Garuda must do it..

it is running 5ghz. the hotspot that is literally 1-click on my laptop is indeed running 5ghz

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I see. So it is the problem that is only with Intel Wireless cards.
But Still Garuda should provide work around for all intel cards

Garuda is a very small independent project with no paid development staff. Intel is a huge billion dollar corporation with a massive R & D budget. I say again, this is an Intel driver issue. Please take this problem up through the Intel's internal support mechanisms. Garuda does not develop drivers for any hardware to make it compatible with Linux. That is the hardware manufacturers responsibility as they are the one making the profit off the hardware sales.

I have posted the known workarounds/hacks that may enable this feature for your adapter using Intel's iwlwifi driver. Over and above that, there is no further assistance that can be offered by Garuda in these types of situations. Either try implementing the known hacks yourself, or take the issue up through Intel's support channels.

This is not a Garuda issue, and no small Linux project is in a position to reengineer drivers for multinational corporations. That's just not going to happen. As such this thread has covered all the options available to you. Further discussion of this matter is only likely to degenerate, as there has already been one flagged post on this thread.

Further discussion of this issue will be non-productive. Therefore, I am closing this thread.


What do you dream about at night?
I mean no offense, but you're comparing a billion dollar company to Garuda?
All companies work for quasi standard M$ OS and leave Linux on the left.
You overlook the facts already mentioned here and make big claims without contributing anything yourself.