Can not get audio on Valve Index headset

Just installed Garuda and seems nice.
Got my Steam working and tested my VR headset and it works. Some slight graphics glitches but its usable.

However I don't seem to be able to get audio to come from the speakers in the headset. My headset is a Valve index and it connected to my PC using the DP in my Radeon 6700 XT. But the only option for sound from the 6700 in sound mixer is for the HDMI port which is connected to my monitor/TV

I've googled for a fix and have found threads that have suggested clicking CONFIGURE in the audio mixer might allow me to select the Jack on the video card for audio but that does not seem to be an option on Garuda (different sound backend maybe?)

Anyone know any options to change the port on my card for audio? or to have the DP show up as an option in Mixer to allow me to select it?

Could you recheck the issue template please?

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