Can not delete new dock

Hello Garuda users.

All of the sudden new dock appeared on my main screen. I think it was caused by something like KDE Plasma update (I didn't read the whole prompt :D). Now I have a default dock at the bottom of my screen that I don't know how to delete and it don't appear that it is added by Latte dock as it provides different options after right clicking. See the screenshot bellow:

Please help me identifying this dock.

You should have.
It also opened a web page that you should really read, it will answer your questions.


Is it posible to show opened windows from other screens on the new dock? I have a setup where majority of my work is done on the primary screen but the dock is just on the bottom secondary screen.

I believe yes, the first thing to do is to follow the wiki page I copied above and go to the section where it explains how to manually create/add a Dock.
From there it is possible you may need to open up its settings (dock) to make sure it displays opened windows from other screens. I hope the option exists, I will check later to make sure.

  • Enter Edit Mode by right-clicking anywhere the dekstop
  • Click on the very small and not too visible short double horizontal bars
  • Hover over the Task Manager on the dock
  • Right-click and choose Configure...
  • Adjust here:

This is Plasma stuff, a simple Google search will return many threads in various forums about this as it is a popular option to toggle.


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