Can i upgarde from Dragonized to Dragonized gaming edtion?

I would like to upgrade to Dragonized gaming edtion from KDE Dragonized from command line , is this poissable ?
Or is there way to setup without loosing data
and is there a way to fix freezing !
I do have powerful pc and i think garuda dont take the full advantage
CPU Thereripper 32 core 2990X
128 GB Ram
Nvidia GTX Titan

Any help ?

Yes, look at the git package lists and simply add the missing packages, shouldn't be much, IMO.


welcome to garuda yes i think you could
theres always i gui to make this but don't know if it is gaming version where you can choose extras in previous version there was a gui to choose extras like programs

and you can always choose any gaming options like lutris wine etc in the welcome garuda under garuda gaming i think

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You might be able to git clone garuda/dr460nized-gaming · master · Garuda Linux / Tools / Iso-Profiles · GitLab

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