Can i taste the blackarch edition

so in the download page of garuda blackarch page i saw,

This edition is the regular dr460nized edition with BlackArch repo on top & a selection of commonly used tools preinstalled.

it means if i just add the blackarch repo on my garuda kde dragonized i can taste the actual flavour of garuda blackarch. right?

Yes, but the blackarch edition comes with a set of tools preinstalled, while starting from the dr460nized version you'll have to install them manually.
The current list is:


Yes, you may 'taste' it, but please remember that you then become self-supporting, i.e. the assumption is made that you know what you are doing.


my pc to me: kaboom?
me: yes kaboom!

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My friend, might I suggest not only tasting it, but smelling and touching it as well.

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May I also suggest penetrating these penetration repos?

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Be sure to use a prophylactic, as this is sounding unsafe.


Some things seem made for that. I'm not sure you know what they are. :wink:

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