Can I run Garuda on my laptop?

Hi, Im a newbie in the linux world and used windows my whole life. I decided to go to linux since I downloaded windows 11 cuz my laptop is slow even when using windows 10 (its very bad) so thats why im asking if Garuda Dr460nized can run on my crappy laptop (I have mid knowledge about linux [Most porpouse in gaming and studying])

Intel Celeron CPU 4205U
Intel UHD Graphics 610
4gb ram

Hi there.

i would try and install Garuda Xfce and see how well this goes, for in principle this is a light weight distro.


Welcome Mr Tokkaggge.
From the wiki page

Requirements (dr460nized)

    • 30 GB Disk Storage
    • 4 GB RAMthumb drive
    • 40 GB Disk Storage
    • 8 GB RAM

I have run Garuda on the little odroid x64 (H4)(( with only 4gb but I upgraded soon after to 8gb and it was much better).
I have a laptop running the Gnome flavour but again it has 8gb.
I have no doubts you could run it but you may have issues if many windows/programmes open at the same time as Garuda specifically has tweaks to use ram rather than let it be idle, and KDE is using a lot less ram nowadays.
Try it and let us know :slight_smile:


I’ll try and let you guys know! Also I’ll probably upgrade to and ssd and smash more 4gb ram (I’m done with this laptop being slow) Thanks for the reply! :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

I don’t like xfce that much… I would prefer ricing garuda dr460nized since my purpouse is gaming. But thanks for the advice!

Have you just tried the live ISO?

I prefer Bentley Continental GTC
but it doesn’t run on my pay grade :smiley:


So I have to keep driving my Eos :wink: Linux & Tech news 📰 - #2370 by SGS


Sure. Do make sure you make a 4Gb swap partition as well, when you install it, you are going to need it.



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