Can I resize the UI?

Hi all,

I am tinkering with a little NUC like pc box.
It is mounted to my tv setup, and I would like to use it as a Media centre.

Plex youtube and other video sources.

I was wondering since global scale doesnt do what i am looking for.

Is there a way to resize the UI of the desktop.

Basically i would like for it to at least double the size, reason being its connected exclusively through KDE connect to avoid unneccessary peripherals.

In display config, there is global scale function but it doesnt seem to change anything.

I could lower the resolution but i would like to keep the 1080p, but also to be able to see and use the UI without squinting all the time.

Thank you all in advance.

It definitely should. Did you restart after changing the setting?


Hi thank you for your response. Unfortunately it does not. Or i am doing something wrong.

It is set to 125% and i saw no noticable difference.

Even after restart.

The only thing i did notice is the default zoom changed in the browser windows and the system windows changed. But not the ui itself ie. The taskbar and the dock icons did not change size. And that is my main issue.

Being on a tv and using kde connect i would like that to be bigger to avoid having to pinpoint pixel perfect to click on things.

On my pc i dont mind in fact i prefer it but on the tv not so much.

If you want to double the size, set it to 200%. 125% is a pretty small scale. Also, fractional scaling doesn't work as well as integer scaling.


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