Can I look for some detailed info on snapper?

Is there anywhere I can look for some detailed info on snapper? I had to reinstall the os and was familiar with timeshift but not snapper and I don't want to go around clicking without having some sort of guide/reference to look at. Thank you!

They are pretty similar, but snapper has benefits listed in the opening post here.
As to how you use them, the wiki has some info Restoring snapshots to get the system back to working state | Garuda Linux wiki

Be aware that snapper tab in BTRFS assistant is now a stand alone application called snapper-tools , and the Settings button there has some very self explanatory options.

By the way... Very recently, the Garuda Team added a function to alert you of old snapshots that were not automatically purged and will ask if you would want to delete them to save space.


A slight clarification. The snapper tab in Btrfs Assistant is still there. Snapper Tools is a separate application.


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