Can I install Garuda Linux on iPad Pro gen. 3?

I am new to Linux because I’m completely fed-up with Apple and Windows. My name is Walt.

I would like to know if Garuda can be installed and run on an 3rd generation iPad Pro, so I can eliminate all ties to Apple?


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Test a live boot disk of a Garuda edition you would like to install. If all your hardware functions properly then you're golden.

If not, then it may be an uphill battle to get things working (if at all). You must understand that Apple does not make it easy to install Linux on their hardware. Generally, older Apple hardware is the easiest to get working with Linux. The newest Apple hardware is the most difficult to get working as it has the least hardware support.

I you wish to avoid hardware problems in the future you should attempt to purchase hare that is Linux friendly. Apple is the furthest thing from Linux friendly.

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No, you can't and i think you never can with this ipad generation.
More than a Jailbreak isnt in with that Generation.

With the iPad Pro 5th Generation (which has the M1 cpu in) will be maybe a solution to use it with another os.
With 5.13 Kernel first support is there for it, but right now no one got it completly to work. But soon will be for the M1 some solutions.


No. Most likely not. You might end up rendering your iPad unusable.