Can I get the Orange Garuda Icon as a High quality image? (Preferably SVG)

Hi, I'm customizing my Login screen to have 2 accounts. I'm wanting to set the Blue Garuda Icon to be my Icon for my PC, and the Orange Garuda Icon to be guest. If possible I'd like to obtain Both Icons as SVG's or really high quality PNG's.
If there is other colors I'd also appreciate them being dropped here too!

Please do not use the official Garuda logo as you avatar.

Search for rainbow eagle in forum



Oh I'm sorry! I don't have many images yet but I remove it per request. I only want to use the icons to match my ongoing theme I'm currently setting up including the Login screen.
Thank you for directing me to where I wanted to look!


@SGS, his post did not mention using the official Garuda logos as forum avatars. He just wants to use them for the login logos on his personal computer, something the public would never see.

You made them. I think it would be nice if you gave him license to use them in that manner. Would you, please?

And if you had different colored ones, he mentioned that would be nice, also.


Dear c00ter,
he had posted here in the forum the official Loge as his avatar, which he has kindly deleted directly after my request and replaced it with another.
Next time I will make a screenshot as proof, so that it does not come to a misunderstanding like this :slight_smile:

It was very nice of him to ask here whereby everyone can do on his PC what he wants.

I hope I could contribute to the clarification.



Ah, hah! I had supposed it a translation error, since I know at least one if not two of the parties here is a non-native English speaker. (But pretty damned good at it. )

That'll teach me not to poke my nose into someone else's affair. You'd think I had learned that, given my age. Hah! :slight_smile:


Yeah I was just looking for a way to get rid of the set icon for me and settled with that, and after being asked to have it removed I reverted back and found something else to replace it with which is far more appropriate because I actually made it in my spare time. I understood where SGS came from so all in all everything is good!

as of what I needed, my login screen and whatnot is all set to my desired liking.
Oh the beauty of Linux with being able to be customized to your liking.. Thats what I love over Windows.


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