Can Garuda work on a portable monitor

I was thinking about running Garuda on my laptop when I get with along with a portable monitor, however I’m not sure how well Linux works with portable monitors much less Garuda.

Is it possible to make it work or is it under development at the moment?

What's the hardware in that portable monitor? Or which one are you thinking about?

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is this going to connected simply by hdmi? If so, i've never had a problem, either mirroring a screen, or using as a second, or sole via arch (to a tv or ext. monitor)

I’m not sure yet as I’m currently looking for one lol, but I’m between a Arzopa or Lepow (Asus can work too), either way, I’m not picky heh.

Also thank you! This is my first time on a forum so I’m hoping I did this right

Yeah, I’m not sure if there are any ones that connect via Bluetooth, but the ones I’m checking so far have a wire connected with them

i had a look at the arzopa's, and the colour is very nicely spec'd, but i don't know about usb-c to c on linux (but it does also have hdmi to mini-hdmi). So, anybody else on this forum used c to c who could chip in and give a bit of light? (if you got an hdmi port, personally i reckon it would work anyway, but please don't take my word for it!)

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Ok those are strict monitors (hence the name!), as long as the connection type is well supported by Linux I don't think it will work "better" or "worse" with one distro or another. This is managed mainly by your DE and whatever graphic card's configuration you apply.

As stated by Gavin, without being sure I'd stick with HDMI and DisplayPort (if any uses it).

Good luck on your search and if you end up getting one and running Garuda, you could post the results (there is a sub-forum for that kind of topic). :smiley:


Yeah sure it will work i tried :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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