Can design new icons for these great digital rights recommended chat tools that don't have a corresponding garuda icon?

Don't any of these really great apps have corresponding garuda icons that can be designed for them?

element (This software is also very famous)
electrum (The famous open source e-wallet client)
winbox (Famous router management software)
protonmail (The famous Swiss encrypted mail service)
joplin((The famous open source notebook is very powerful, very powerful can work with other cloud sticks such as nextcloud))
keybase(The famous multi-chat software can be used by others such as github)
dino and dino-im
qtox and utox (The famous chat tool which is one of the two called (Qtox) and the other called (utox))
session(Well-known certificate encryption chat authors maintain very frequently)
rambox pro
KVIRC (Famous irc clients)
facebook(It's a crapware invasion of privacy)
instagram(It's a crapware invasion of privacy)

Never heard of them before. Maybe it is just me.

Never! But if you want to create icon, you can create a pull request on gitlab.

Maybe somebody will be interested in it. I am neither a graphics designer nor use any of them anyway. If you want to make icon fro them, create pull request on gitlab.


Sure - go right ahead! You can find the upstream project here:


I am an arch newbie is learning, I do not have the ability to create icons, I just want to share the interesting things I see, I hope garuda community is more beautiful, thank you for knowing

Yes I have responded on his github hopefully it will get added I guess.

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