Can Anyone suggest a good gtk theme for xfce?

I use garuda xfce(And i'm loving it!).
But the xfce comes with the adwaita theme so i installed other themes like nordic and sweet. currently using the sweet theme.
Could anyone please suggest any good themes for garuda xfce?
I love dark themes specifically

I take it you've had a good look around this site? themes are a very personal thing!


i looked into it .
i tried almost everything.

really? There's well over 700 in there, and then there's the hundreds of icon themes!....well, if you've tried almost all of them, then there's only one thing left to do, and that'll be create your own. Enjoy and maybe up load it to the site when it's done so others can enjoy too!!

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If you are still searching for one, I really like Tokyo Night GTK Theme - (If you accept just any gtk-theme)

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Oh thank you so much mate!
I wanted something like this.
Cool theme .

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