Call for testers of our new major release builds!

Hmm. Sounds like a great excuse to buy a new SSD. ^^

I have the same issue on Cinnamon, send me back to Grub menu. Installation went fast with no errors, almost too fast. I did reboot it left to count down, managed to take a photo of this error:

error: start_image() returned 0x8000000000000001.

Failed to boot both default and fallback entries.

Idk what it error means or what else I can do, only got access to Grub command line. I’m not sure if my ISO got corrupted during download in waterfox, it failed so I just continued until it completed. Re-downloading now.

Installed the 04072024 test ISO to see if the nVidia drivers would now work, and they installed perfectly. I just booted into it now to start building it up and got.

ERROR: Cannot find the debugedit binary required for including source files in debug packages.

I installed debugedit and the issue is resolved. I’m assuming since this message doesn’t normally come up that debugedit is normally included in the install or you guys make tweaks to the ISO to keep that error from happening.

There was recently a change upstream which has enabled debugging by default in /etc/makepkg.conf. The odd thing about this choice is most users do not want or need the debugging packages, and may not understand there is additional intervention required to restore this file back to “normal”.

Instead of installing debugedit and ending up with a -debug package for many of your AUR applications, you can disable the debugging option in /etc/makepkg.conf. Open /etc/makepkg.conf in an editor, for example Micro:

sudo micro /etc/makepkg.conf

Navigate down to the line that starts line with OPTIONS= and put an exclamation mark in front of debug so it looks like this: “!debug” The whole like will be something like this:

OPTIONS=( ... blah blah blah blah ... !debug ...)

Hopefully they will reconsider this change upstream, or otherwise we may need to ship our own makepkg.conf so people don’t have to deal with this on every new install.


There have been changes since then (IIRC), hopefully not for the worse :wink:

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Yea I found a thread on the Endeavour forums that talked about this and suggested changing debug to !debug, but when I foud the line you menbtioned debug already had the ! in front of it so ended up taking a chance and installed debugedit. Funny thing is I noticed in my main Garua the change but eveything kept working there without getting the error mesaages, or I did get the message found the same info used the same fix and then forgot about it. any way thanks for the feed back and at least either way it’s a easy fix.

Like I said I already had that on Ventoy when I was asked to retest for the nVidia drivers so I just used it. Since I only have a handful of Items installed I may just reinstall with the latest. Thanks for the heads up.

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If someone could make a Cinnamon iso I would test that too.

Just installed the 4 13 ISO and alls good. nVidia drivers now in live and the debug issue is fixed.


OK been running the 04 13 for a couple of days with everything I use installed, fully tweaked to my liking and as the saying goes it’s as smooth as butter. I couldn’t be happier about how well pretty much everything is running and behaving. There are a couple of changes that the KDE devs made that weren’t necessary or simply should of been added as options to other settings, but for now I can live with them. I’ve made personal adjustments to deal with them. Overall the responsiveness and smoothness of the OS is simply fantastic. If the final release is like this peeps are going to be very happy.