Call for testers for new Garuda Assistant features

There are some pending enhancements to Garuda Assistant related to btrfs support that I would appreciate some help testing. Specifically, these changes are:

  • Modifying the btrfs main btrfs tab to display information in a more meaningful fashion
  • Adding recommendations for if a balance is needed or not
  • Adding messages about disk space
  • Adding support for displaying information about multiple btrfs partitions
  • A new tab which allows you to browse and delete subvolumes/snapshots

I would especially appreciate any testing done with the delete button as I have tried to make that as safe as possible but would like to ensure it doesn't have any adverse outcomes. It should refuse to delete any subvolumes that are currently mounted which should keep people from inadvertently destroying @home or something similar.

In order to test the new version you can install garuda-assistant-git


Really good work @dalto ! :partying_face:
To make testing easier I changed garuda-assistant-git to build from the btrfs branch for now, there won't be any changes done to master anyways right now. So @testers, just install this package to help providing some feedback :wink:


@dalto It would appear you can delete the @ which completely screws system :grinning:


Hmm....were you booted off a snapshot at the time? When I try that I get:


No but i will try again see if i can replicate it


If you can, grab a copy of findmnt --real and sudo btrfs sub li / before you delete it.

Thanks for your help with this.

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Actually @dalto its a bug

When you restore snapshot there is duplicate boot entry in grub

And one of them boots to snapshot

So deleting any of @ @home @root @cache @srv @log and @tmp option is not a good idea

Can you exclude them from list

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Shouldn't we fix that?

If we do that we remove peoples ability to manually restore a snapshot or make general modifications to their filesystem.


Yeah we should but I cannot understand it's mechanism.:sweat_smile:

I know the bug but not its fix.

I guess it's timeshift
Or grub-btrfs

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Does it happen every time? I can take a look at it.


Probably but not certain

And I think it's reproducible bug

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OK, I will see if I can find it. That seems like a problem. If you are randomly booting between a snapshot and @ due to a duplicate entry it will leave your system in an odd state.


I took a quick peak while I was on a call. There are multiple problems.

  • If grub-mkconfig gets run while you are booted into a snapshot it generates entries for that snapshot. This is probably the primary problem.
  • There is also a situation where duplicate entries get created.

I will work on a solution for that after work.


I have retested and cannot replicate :+1:
Either baremetal or vm
I can only delete time shift items as intended.
In btrfs General I see that the data line is taken from the allocated and used data not the total btrfs volume? is that intended?

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Are you referring to this?

If so, it actually comes from here:

Yes as i would see that as disk space left or data space used

What it means, in the example above is that I have 11.79 GiB data used and it is taking up 12.01GiB of disk space. Regular usage of the disk will cause the difference between those two numbers to increase and a rebalance will pull them back together.

The total space allocated is equal to the data size + metadata size + system size. Notice that the size used for the metadata and system is doubled because the data is stored twice in this case. That is what DUP means.

Unfortunately, btrfs terminology is pointlessly confusing. :woozy_face: That being said, I am not sure that introducing our own terminology will make things less confusing. :thinking:

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ok sorry for that im trying to look at this as a new user, I think i was trying to say as if i didnt no what it was? What does it mean ? Data of what ? if i was a new user i would see that as oh shit i have no room left :smiley:

Btw i love the way it says "you have lots of free space, did you overbuy" :rofl:

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Do you think it would help if we re-organized it like this:

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Yes I like it. im just trying to think of a better way of describing the "data" as data is meaninless on its own
Can you could add unallocated as unused space under used?