Calamares Installer issue


I am trying to install the Wayfire edition on my laptop. It has a 256Gb SSD and a 1Tb nvme SSD. I need the /boot to be on the 256Gb SSD and the Garuda system on the nvme drive. The manual partition manager will not let me select the standard SSD for the boot drive.

I am missing something?


Ohh its a calamares bug

It says you need to create /boot

But actually you need to create /boot/efi of at least 300mb fat32 partition

And flag this partition as esp and boot.


Tried that. The problem is my laptop’s bios won’t see the NVME drive until the bootloader is loaded. That is why I need to have /boot on the SDA and the OS on NVME.


Install on one drive normally.
After installation ends, do not shutdown/reboot.

  • If on UEFI
  1. Copy all contents of installation /boot folder to your SSD(main drive) existing $esp, or to a newly created one for exclusive use (fat32 of course).
  2. Find UUID of that $esp and create/add/edit the installation’s /etc/fstab to have it mounted at /boot
  3. Chroot into the installation, making sure the correct $esp is mounted at /boot.
  4. Create an entry in UEFI using efibootmgr, as per Archwiki, or
  5. Install grub as per Archwiki instructions
  • If on Legacy/BIOS
    Similar to the above, just the /boot partition is not $esp (fat32), just an ext4 partition.
    And when chrooted, install grub on SSD.

Sorry, for the short versions of directions, IDK your Arch comfort level and you provided only few technical info.

If you still struggle, ask again.