Burp Suite TSL Error On YouTube

Firedragon Issues With Burp Suite
The client failed to negotiate a TSL connection to YouTube
But Chromium Working Fine
(Change CA Certificate But Problem Not Solve)

If Chromium works for what you're doing with Burp Suite then using Chromium would likely be the best approach.


Basically I Want To Using Firedragon With In Burp Suite

I'm not an expert of burp suite, but you should consider that Firedragon is a privacy-focused browser, and consequently has a lot of relevant configurations.
One of this might be interfering with the type of connection to be established.
The only option in my opinion is to rummage into the about:config and start trying...
By the way, I see there are a lot of hits searching for this issue on the internet. Did you try any of the suggested solutions?


Why? If you're using Burp Suite then you're not browsing sites in a normal way.


about:config ok
I Read 2-3 Article For This Problem And TheyTell About CA Certificate...

Others Site Working Fine Nothing Issue Only YouTube Show Me This Issue

Something like this?
Again, I have no idea on how Burp Suite works :blush: