Building VapourSynth binaries for Linux

Vapoursynth and Avisynth are video frame server that allows running scripts to edit videos. I was having this discussion on the Vapoursynth forum; and bringing distro builders into the discussion could be useful.

Vapoursynth and Avisynth have a whole list of plugins that they can use, which are listed at On Windows, you can use vsrepo to automatically download and install a plugin and its dependencies.

On Linux, we got the AUR. Most of the plugins are there. There are a few downsides. First, it can make the system unstable. Second, it only works on Arch-based distros. Third, compiling BM3DCUDA requires a 3GB dependency that remains there after. AUR should always be a last-resort solution.

Ideally, vsrepo should be made cross-platform, for both Vapoursynth and Avisynth.

Most projects are on GitHub. The question is: how to obtain binaries for all Linux distros + MacOS? They'd need a custom build server, and a generic solution to build new projects in a few clicks. GitHub Actions have the ability to build Linux binaries, but I don't know whether it can build from other repositories, and whether it can be implemented in a generic way.


This is from the GitHub Actions homepage:

“With GitHub Actions, we are able to code, build, test and publish ImageMagick for Linux, macOS, and Windows in a single location without configuring multiple external dependencies. This is a game changer!”

Dirk Lemstra

ImageMagick maintainer

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"Some" plugin developers publish binaries for "some" distributions; but everybody does it differently. Can't rely on each developer doing it.

We'd need something like we can point to any GitHub repo C++ project file and it automatically builds it.

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