Build error, unknown feature 'stdsimd'

Hi, I’m trying to build firedragon but the build fails with this output:

 2:49.61 error[E0635]: unknown feature `stdsimd`
 2:49.61    --> /home/jjpb/.cache/paru/clone/firedragon/src/Floorp-11.9.0/third_party/rust/packed_simd/src/
 2:49.61     |
 2:49.61 219 |     stdsimd,
 2:49.61     |     ^^^^^^^
 2:57.39 error[E0635]: unknown feature `stdsimd`

Do I need to install an additional library or is it related with the rust toolchain?
I’m using by default the nightly toolchain btw.

Check Cargo.toml,
There’s something relevant in this commit Bug 1849874 - Update from packed_simd_2 to packed_simd. (ESR version)… · Floorp-Projects/Floorp@cafbd5a · GitHub


You’re trying to compile a browser? How much RAM and how many days you got?



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Is this the default for Arch? If not, I’d advise switching to whatever the default is. We don’t pull anything non-default for our build tools and it works flawlessly.


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