Bug with Logging in on KDE-Git Edition with Nvidia GPU and Wayland


I installed the kde-git edition earlier and when I tried to log in with my session set to kde with wayland, it always threw me back to the login-page. When I changed it to X11, it worked and I could log in, I am assuming that it is due to me using an Nvidia-GPU, although I really don't know. I hope this is the correct topic to post under, if not please move it/tell me.

i also think thats the issue.

nvidia and wayland are really not compatible


Nvidia + KDE + Wayland isn't stable just yet. So much so that even Ubuntu falls back onto X11 for users of Nvidia drivers. Even on non Nvidia hardware KDE is still slightly behind Gnome with Wayland support.

Ah ok thanks, I was just a bit confused at first why that happened, until I saw that it tried to log me in with wayland, maybe it's possible to make a check for nvidia-gpus and if so use X11?

Thanks a lot