Btrfs assistant wrapper broken

Hey there,
I have just noticed, that the btrfs-assistant has a wrapper script and also fund out that this very wrapper script prevented me from opening the assistant since I switched to wayland (a long time ago).
I just tried running the garuda-assistant via sudo -E btrfs-assistant-bin and it's working perfectly.

Why does this wrapper exist? It's utterly broken!

Please, don't use sudo for GUI programs. Allow root to access your X server and use pkexec command

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I have been doing that for quite a while since there are no configs to destroy as it operates with root privs anyways and sudo -E is just faster and easier than having to type the password into pkexec.

I also just noticed that pkexec does not even work on the btrfs assistant. Qt is such a mess.

What DE/WM are you using?

wayfire. Trying to run btrfs-assistant always crashes with the error qt.qpa.plugin: Could not load the Qt platform plugin "xcb" in "" even though it was found.

The wayland based WMs require special handling for each and every one it seems.

Wayland with gnome or plasma isn't an issue but with the WMs each requires a slightly different implementation.


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