Btrfs-assistant won’t open

hi I am trying to rollback to a snapshot that is on my computer but I cannot access btrfs-assistant gui or through terminal. I know my snapshots exist bc

snapper list returns a bunch of results but when I try
snapper rollback 164
command rollback cannot be used on a non-root subvolume /root.

when I try to launch btrfs-assistant in terminal

qt.qpa.bc: could not connect to display
qt.qpa.plugin: could not load the Qt platform plugin “xcb” in “” even though it was found. This application failed to start because no Qt platform plugin could be initialized.

I’m accustomed to my Garuda Linux boot menu having a “Garuda Snapshots” option but that hasn’t been there for a few upgrades. my regular system boots into a completely black screen with my mouse cursor so I’m accessing terminal in recovery mode.

Run garuda-update and try again

I tried both sudo update and garuda-update initially to no effect. now in recovery mode it is giving a long list of errors, the last one says

error: failed to synchronize all databases (invalid url for server)

What do you changed on your system? That shoulnd't happen by default. Check your mirrorlists in /etc/pacman.d/*mirrorlist

You can restore a snapshot with Btrfs Assistant while booted to the live environment if you have your installation USB handy. Just mount the Btrfs partition and your subvolumes should show up in the restore tab.

Or try:

sudo -E btrfs-assistant-bin

I was trying to fix kdenlive, tried and uninstalled a few different kdenlive packages. I think it messed with one of my window openers. my mirror lists look fine I’m unsure why I’m getting this error. I rebooted into recovery mode again and this time getting error

mounting “UUID=……….” on real root
mount: /new_root: can’t find UUID=………….
Your are now being dropped into an emergency shell
sh: can’t access tty; job control turned off

thanks for this suggestion, I have an ISO on thumbdrive that I booted into live.
which directory do I use as mountpoint for my BTRFS? I tried mounting the BTRFS on to the live installation and restored a snapshot but the snapshot isn’t restoring, I’m having the same problem when I reboot my system - blank black screen with mouse