BTRFS as the default filesystem with zstd compression?

Very newbie here - and Linux!

FWIW, I chose this distro after testing many others (27+) and still learning my way around.

Here’s my 1st question.

Checking → /etc/fastab, shows:

btrfs subvol=/@root,defaults,noatime,compress=zstd 0 0

So, what is the compression level value?

I’ve learned (lots of lots of google’ng!) that the value should be 1 ~ 15.

What’s wrong with the garuda-inxi you failed to submit, as required by the template. You just failed your first Linux newbie test. Congratulations.


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@mapefal I believe when you join any community you should atleast be respectful to it’s rules and guidelines. They are there for a reason and every community not just open source or linux related, every single one that exists has a set of guidelines or is in the process of creating them.


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