BTRFS and disk space concerns

The title says all, I like Arch-based distros for the AUR. I see what BTRFS can do but I'm concerned about disk space and another thing I'm doing out of the norm is that I use a RAD 0 for the /home folder.

I had to do a manual migration ad manual setup the RAID 0 array. Will Garuda make this easier? But mainly I'm concerned about space but it could be fine for a great benefit.

TY for your attention

What, specifically, is your concern?

That the snapshots will fill up the disk. I really don't know how it works but I heard the term Copy on Write not sure what that means technically

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If you keep too many, then yes, it could. However, that's trivial to configure, e.g.:

Also, what SGS said. :grin:


That would keep things on a weekly basis? I guess

Just do this and you are fine


my settings, timeshift-autosnap do snapshot before upgrade.


I guess I can set it to daily and see how it goes :smiley:

Guess is time to read BTRFS FAQ

Ty everyone! :+1:


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