Brother Printer

I love Garuda. It looks good and works well too.
I installed it today and got most everything working. I love how it is organized.
It is very user-friendly, however, the last stage of my setup today is installing my Brother MFC-J825DW printer and here I have hit a roadblock.
Brother only supplies .deb or RPM packages for the drivers.
Is there any way I can install this printer?
I have used other distros that work with those packages, but this is the first distro that I ventured to install that uses Pacman.
If I can't install the printer then I will have to use Garuda as an occasional system whereas if I got it going it would be my 1st choice :slight_smile:


Its available on aur

You can install it with

pamac build brother-mfc-j825dw




I was having trouble with my Brother printer. I tried what was mentioned in the forum, and it was still broken.

in the terminal i ran;


somehow that activated the cups server and i was able to connect.

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If no options are specified on the command-line then the default configuration file


will be used.

cups service was renamed from

To simply cups

In the new. Version of cups package
You need to reenable it

systemctl enable cups.socket

I used the command as you instructed then I unlocked the Printer settings and was able to add the printer. It was found and I just had to configure it with the IP address and I am good to go.
Thanks again.
Garuda is still looking good

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