Brother printer driver installation

I have a linux printer driver for my HL2320D laserjet, but it is for i386 so I need to know how to download and install the i386 core on my Garuda Linux which is for AMD64

Hi @mhbell1, welcome to the community. Next time please follow the template when you open a topic in Issues & Assistance.

The printer drivers you need are in the AUR so you can install them with Paru.

paru brother-hll2320d

Press Q to exit the PKGBUILD after you are finished reviewing it.


I will be sure to post in issues and assistance next time. I was about to give up on garuda, but you saved the day. printer is working fine now. Thanks for the help.

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never give up on the bird mel… garuda is best arch experience imo. :slight_smile:
welcome to the garuda community.

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