Brother mfc j430w printer and scanner issue

I have this printer I was able to make it print by using the ip address but please how can I make it scan a document please

Install sane, maybe it work OOTB :slight_smile:

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I know that same is already installed but how can I find it in the pc ? I tried to find it by using krunner nothing but add/remove software says its installed

If you are in KDE, install the package skanlite. If in GNOME, install simple-scan.


For brother MFC machines , you need to go to the webpage for your model , and if it's Linux compatible, there will be a separate scanner driver. It'll be called brscan, brscan2, brscan3, or brscan4, so on so forth....

Instructions are given there for how to set it up after installation.

On the download pages they will only provide deb or rpm versions. But you can get the appropriate driver through AUR.

After installing from AUR, Follow the instructions on the model webpage to configure your scanner. You basically just have to type in some commands to tell it the IP or URI address of your networked MFC.


Yes but I can't find it is compatibile for scanning with brscan, brscan2, brscan3, or brscan4 which one is the correct one ?

Well, when you go to the link you provided, just continue clicking to next page. Eventually you will reach this page:

which provides download links to many things for your MFC.

Click on the download link for "SCANNER DRIVER". Doesn't matter deb or rpm, you just want to know the name of the file. So I clicked on 64bit deb and it tells me the file is brscan4. You can cancel the download and go install it from AUR.

What is more important is that clicking on the download link will also bring you to the driver instructions page:

Ignore points 1 to 3 of the instructions since they are for installing deb file. You would already have installed via AUR.

Follow instructions in point 4 to set up the IP address of your MFC.

Now when you open a scanning program like Document Scanner or gscan2pdf or xsane, it will detect your scanner.


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