Broken network after upgrade

Hello, after today upgrade and reboot I don't have wifi on my laptop.

Works fine after change to LTS kernel.


You're not alone.
I'm usually connected by ethernet cable so I haven't noticed when it begun, but since a while mine (apparently randomly) disappears and comes back with reboots.
No dual boot involved, no trace of Windows left besides the license sticker.

The screenshot does not include the relevant networking section though, it may be interesting to see if the device is detected and what model it is (you'll likely have to look it up by other means if it's not).
Yours should be an RTL8822CE, I'll check what mine is (it's currently not detected) but if I recall correctly it's also an RTL something. edit: it's an RTL8191SEvB RTL8187SE.

I think it's an upstream bug in the driver, and I see that a search for "wireless rtl card not detected after kernel update" returns several results, for instance one of the most recent is
networking - WHY RTL8821CE or WIFI is Removed during Kernel Update on 20.04.4 LTS - Ask Ubuntu

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From the template you don't read and delete.

Please post the terminal/konsole input and output as text (no pictures) from the following command:


Sending terminal text as an image is counterproductive (not copyable or searchable) and unnecessarily increases the memory, traffic, and backups of the forum.


Hi, sorry but without internet it was hard to write whole inxi by hand in mobile. Now I delete last kernel and switch to LTS. Do You need now that output?

You have no working live ISO?
Did you try last working snapshot?
You change to LTS and all is fine.
But, parts of garuda-inxi are also useless to be able to exclude errors.

We can close :slight_smile:

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