Brazilian youtuber Diolinux's Garuda review

For those who aren't portuguese speaking fellows, he's basically one of if not the biggest Linux-related youtuber from Brazil, with lots of noob friendly content.

The tl;dw is him debunking the myth of the GAMING™ oriented distros and giving the distro a fair review, but with some criticism that bugged the hell out of me, mainly talking about how you can do everything Garuda does in other distros and how he'd rather use Manjaro since it's a project developed for longer.

He also benchmarked a lower end laptop (in a worst case scenario) against Manjaro KDE and Pop_OS! both in Geekbench and in a gaming benchmark, where Garuda just slightly lost against both of them, having a lot of stutter in the gaming benchmark.


From what I remember, this YouTuber tends to do unbalanced and deliberately opinionated/inflammatory reviews in order to provoke reaction. Until quite recently Manjaro was one of his targets.

Again, faulty reasoning. If he were to actually follow that logic though, why would he use anything other than Arch?


That is quite debatable. He has his fair share of weird opinions and contradicting (like presenting dr460nized as the FLAGSHIP version of the OS, which, If you see the comments, most people don't like the GAMERINESS of the looks, while ignoring all the other versions, or complaining about the gaming edition being bloated with too much stuff pre-installed), but many of his criticisms are fair enough. Like debating if the amount of tweaks the OS has is even heping in anything, since in his case he not only didn't see a performance benefit, he saw even a small drop compared to other distros in his benchmarks (his gaming benchmark wouldn't even run a native game properly only on Garuda, so he did it through Proton).

I'm not aware of this one, I was using Manjaro by the time he released his last video about the OS, complimenting how they fixed a lot of the issues he had with it.

I mean, he himself is a Pop_OS! user in his main machine, specially because it's a "just works" distro. He's the type of person that sticks to th default settings and theming and focuses on his work, aparently.


My view is shaped by coverage of Manjaro from several years ago, so things may well have changed in the meantime.

This is fair - sometimes tweaks can end up undoing work already done in the defaults, and Arch tends to run with a very reasonable set of defaults.

That said, a low-spec machine isn't likely to be the target configuration for "gaming" tweaks, though Garuda switching back to linux-zen from TKG is likely to fix many of the "stuttering" issues people are having on hardware that TKG isn't optimised for.


That might actually be the solution to his problem, because in his video he faced a lot of stuttering in the gaming benchmarks and he had the tkg-bmq kernel at the time of recording as the default.