Brave 1.19.92 browser won't sync

Hey there.. I am running dragon zen 5.11.16, brave 1.19.92 and can't get the thing to sync.. sync is working on all of my other devices. I have tried uninstalling, removing .config and .cache dirs, reinstalling, and re-enabling sync chain. No luck.

Any logs and/or output when running in a terminal?

What is different between the working and non-working systems?

Have you checked upstream for any issues?


This is from brave://sync-internals:



Transport State Initializing
Disable Reasons None
Sync Feature Enabled true
Setup In Progress false
Auth Error Connection failed (-2). since 2021-05-04 19:06:33 -04

Version Info

Client Version Brave Browser Linux (6579930fc53b4dc589c042bec9d0a3778326974d-refs/branch-heads/[email protected]{#2106}) unknown
Server URL


Sync Client ID Uninitialized
Invalidator Client ID Uninitialized
Username [email protected]
Is Primary true


Requested Token n/a
Received Token Response n/a
Last Token Request Result OK
Has Token true
Next Token Request not scheduled

Local State

Server Connection server error since 2021-05-04 19:06:33 -04
Last Synced Never
Sync First-Time Setup Complete true
Sync Cycle Ongoing false
Local Sync Backend Enabled false
Local Backend Path Uninitialized


Throttled or Backoff false
Retry Time Uninitialized
Notifications Enabled false


Explicit Passphrase false
Passphrase Required false
Cryptographer Ready To Encrypt false
Cryptographer Has Pending Keys false
Encrypted Types Uninitialized
Has Keystore Key false
Keystore Migration Time Uninitialized
Passphrase Type Uninitialized
Passphrase Time Uninitialized

Status from Last Completed Session

Sync Source Uninitialized
GetKey Step Result Uninitialized
Download Step Result Uninitialized
Commit Step Result Uninitialized

Running Totals

Notifications Received 0
Updates Downloaded 0
Tombstone Updates 0
Reflected Updates 0
Successful Commits 0
Conflicts Resolved: Client Wins 0
Conflicts Resolved: Server Wins 0

Transient Counters (this cycle)

Encryption Conflicts 0
Hierarchy Conflicts 0
Server Conflicts 0
Committed Items 0

Transient Counters (last cycle of last completed session)

Updates Downloaded 0
Committed Count 0
Entries 0

Based on the client not being recognized.. is this because my chain is v2.. my other browsers on V1.23.75 (Apr 28, 2021)

Yep that was it.. sorry.. grabbed mainline pkg brave-bin instead and got the latest ver.. as indicated here under Arch section: Installing Brave on Linux | Brave Browser

I had originally just done a sudo pacman -S brave which brought me the older ver now incompatible with v2 sync it seems.

The versions of brave and brave-bin in the AUR are the same, so if this is coming from ChaoticAUR then it might need a rebuild.


I'm on 1.23.73 - on this system I am running brave-bin though...

I had a similar problem a few months back so I created a new sync chain and it started working fine. If your sync chain is V1 (prior to Aug. 2020) you should go ahead and create a new chain to upgrade to V2. Brave Sync Version 2 Now Available for Desktop and Android Users

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